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What is Sniffies?

Sniffies is a map-based web app that allows users to "Sniff" out the best matches in their area. It allows users to connect with nearby people. has a mobile application for Android (Sniffies APK) and iOS users. Sniffies website is a perfect web app for those looking for similar-minded people in their area. Sniffies app shows the approximate locations of nearby users who are currently or recently online. If you are searching for the same interest people in your location, Sniffies App Download is the best solution.

Sniffies doesn't have any official application for Android or iOS. You can add the website to your device's home screen to use it as a regular application. Alternatively, download the Android (.apk) or iOS version directly from this website.

Screenshots of Sniffies App

Sniffies App Sniffies App Download Sniffies APK Sniffies Download

Sniffies App Features

  • Beginner-friendly user interface.
  • Modern and attractive design.
  • A unique map that shows the nearby users who are currently or recently online.
  • There are a lot of active groups and meeting spots in the area.
  • Easy and convenient for any day that may head your way.
  • You can view the user's profiles in the app.
  • You can chat and share photos with your friends.
  • Private message and video chat functionality to engage with people.
  • No need for any registration. If you want, you can register for free on Sniffies to explore additional features.
  • You can filter search results based on age, gender and interest.

Sniffies Reviews, Pros And Cons is a famous and renowned website in the USA. You will only find people who know about the Sniffies app. The website was launched in 2018 and now has millions of active users. Many people have reviewed this app, and almost everyone is happy with its service. 

But recently, some people have reported that the website has shut down too many, and some are unhappy with their premium membership. The developers of the Sniffies app are constantly trying to improve the server and provide a seamless user experience.   

Recently, we have discussed the features of the Sniffies app. But everything has a wrong side with good sides. So, let's discuss what are the advantages and disadvantages of the Sniffies app:

  • Attractive design and beginner-friendly user interface
  • Private chat and video chat functionality
  • Location-based search system to find nearby people
  • 100% safe and secure
  • The free version is good enough for all
  • "Filter" option to get exact results
  • Anonymous photo sharing
  • The app may need to be faster on some devices
  • Only available in some countries
  • Sometimes, the server may be down for heavy loads
  • You may need help with using it if you are a beginner
  • You have to upgrade your membership to get premium features
  • Some would prefer their premium membership

Sniffies App Download for Android (Sniffies App Android)

Sniffies App
Size7.5 MB
DeveloperBlake Gallagher
Requires Android4.4 and Above
Released on2018
Last Updated1 Day Ago
Copyright Disclaimer

Process to Install Sniffies APK on Android Device

  • First, download the Sniffies (.apk) file by clicking the button above.
  • Then, go to Settings -> Security on your Android device. Scroll down, find the "Unknown Sources" option, and turn it on.
  • Now, go to the download folder where you have downloaded Sniffies.apk.
  • Click on the APK file; it will open the installer.
  • Follow the onscreen prompts and complete installing the app.
  • After installing the app, you will see the Sniffies app icon on your home screen.
  • Click on the app icon to launch the app.
  • Now, you can connect with nearby people on Sniffies APK.

This is the simple installation process of Sniffies APK. I hope you understand how to download and install the Sniffies app on your Android device. But it is not the official Sniffies Android app download process. Add the Sniffies website to your device's home screen to avoid installing a third-party app. 

Add Website to Home Screen 

To add the Sniffies website to your device's home screen, please follow the below steps:

  • First, go to the website in your Chrome browser.
  • Now, click on the "Settings" icon at the top of the Chrome browser.
  • Scroll to the bottom and click the "Add to Home Screen" option.
  • Now, click "Add" and click "Add Automatically" on the next screen.
  • You're done. Now, you will see the Sniffies App icon on your device's home screen.

Pro Tip: You can rename it to keep it more secret; the app will appear as "Sniffies" by default.

Sniffies App Download for iOS (Sniffies App iOS)

Sniffies App iOS is the best way to make new friends and connect with them on your iOS device. As Sniffies doesn't have any particular version for iOS devices, you have to add the website to your device's home screen. To use the Sniffies website on iOS, please follow the below steps:

  • First, go to the website in your Safari browser.
  • Then, click on the "Share" option at the bottom of the browser.
  • Now, scroll down and choose the "Add to Home Screen" option.
  • You have to click "Add" on the next screen.
  • You're done. 

Pro Tip: You can rename it to keep it more secret; the app will appear as "Sniffies" by default.

Install Sniffies App on PC/Laptop (Windows 7, 8, 10, 11)

Installing the Sniffies app on a PC is the best solution to use the Sniffies app on your PC or Laptop. To install Sniffies on your PC, please follow the below steps:

  • First of all, go to the website in your Chrome browser. 
  • Now, you must click the "Install Sniffies" icon at the right of the address bar.
  • Again, click on the "Install" option.
  • Now you can find the Sniffies web app in Applications> Chrome Apps> Sniffies.
  • You can easily install Sniffies on your PC/Laptop during this process.

Sniffies for the Curious

For curious people who need a similar-minded person, the Sniffies app is the perfect solution for them. It is a map-based modern website that allows users to find like-minded or interested people near them. With Sniffies, curious people can connect with people, do private chat, video chat and share photos. It is the best application to find new friends nearby.

Sniffies Alternatives | Similar Applications Like Sniffles App

There are a lot of social platforms available online. But Sniffies is one of the best platforms for people looking for new friends near them. If you are unhappy with Sniffies, try some different apps. Some of the Sniffies alternative apps are given below:

PlatformiOS, AndroidiOS, Android
Location-Based MatchingYesYes
Profile CustomizationLimitedExtensive
Chat & MessagingYesYes
Community FeaturesEvents, TribesEvents, Communities
Privacy SettingsBasicAdvanced
Free VersionYesYes
Premium FeaturesGrindr XTRAScruff Pro
Safety & VerificationLimitedVerified Profiles

Frequently Asked Questions

Let's discuss some of the frequently asked questions and their answers about the Sniffies App Download:

Why isn't Sniffies available in the App Store or Play Store?

Sniffies is a map-based social app that allows users to connect and communicate with nearby people. However, the platform contains private photos prohibited in the App Store or Play Store. Also, the app influences users to engage in private meetings. For this reason, Sniffies App is unavailable in the App Store and Play Store.

How to Install Sniffies App on Android Device?

Sniffies have no official application for Android and iOS. You can download and install a third-party version of Sniffies from this website. If you want to use the official Sniffies on Android or iOS devices, please add the website to your Home Screen. You will get the Sniffies app icon on your home screen and use it like an Android or iOS app. 

How Does Sniffies Work?

Sniffies is a map-based web application to connect with people. It features a unique and special map to find nearby people of the same interest and age. Sniffies uses your device location to make the search more efficient. You don't need to register or sign up to use this app. 

How to Create a Sniffies Account?

Creating a Sniffies account is simple. On the home page, you will see two options: "Use Anonymously" and "Login." Please follow the below steps to create a Sniffies account:

To create an account, you have to click on the "Login" button. 
On the next page, you have to click "Create an account in seconds.." available at the bottom. 
At the next screen, select your date of birth, check the "Terms of Service" option and click on the "Continue" button. 
After that, type your "Email" and "Password" and click on the "Create Account" button. You will receive a verification email. 
Please verify your email, and you are done. 
Now, you can customize your profile and connect with new friends.

How to Delete Sniffies Account?

Deleting a Sniffies account is permanent, and if you have a Snifies Plus subscription, it will be canceled when you delete the history. To delete your Sniffies account, follow the below steps:

First, log in to your Sniffies account.
Click on the "Menu" available at the top of the map.
Now, select the "Account Settings" option from the menu.
After that, click on the "Delete Account" option and follow the onscreen prompts.
You are done.

How do I Remove Myself from the Map?

You are automatically removed from the map when you log out from Sniffies. Alternatively, you can remove yourself by using the "Hide Me" feature of Sniffies. To hide in the map, please click on the "Hide Me" icon available at the bottom right corner of the app. You will find the "Logout" option in the "Settings" available at the top right corner of the map.

What Features do I get if I Upgrade?

If you upgrade your subscription, you will get the following benefits:

300 Sniffies LivePlay Minutes/month.
Host Groups.
Add Places to the Map.
Commit to a Place Anonymously.
Hide Photos in a Conversation.
No Annoying Ads.
Marked as a Verified Member.
Pin Chats So They Never Expire.
Post Messages Cruising Updates.
Use Sniffies in Discreet Mode.
Travel Mode.
Unblock Someone.
See Who Deleted Conversation.
Post Multiple Profile Photos.
See Meetup Spots on Campuses.
Read Receipts for Sent Messages.

How to Unblock Someone on Sniffies App?

To unblock someone on the Sniffies App, please follow the below steps:

Click on the "Menu" available at the top right corner of the map.
Click on the "Account Settings" option.
Now, choose the "Unblock Profiles" option, and you can unblock someone here.

How to Understand if Someone is Online on Sniffies?

If he is online and currently connected, you will see a Cruiser's marker with a bit of blue light on their icon. You have a higher chance of interacting with online and currently connected Cruisers.

Final Thoughts

Sniffies app download is the best way to connect with new people who are similar-minded. In this article, we have provided the A-Z information about the Sniffies APK download and installation process. Now, you can download the Sniffies app on Android and iOS devices. We also offered the best alternatives to Sniffies and their features. If you have any issues with the Sniffies app, comment on the "Download" page, and we will provide you with the best solution as soon as possible. Thank You. 

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